Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I woke up with the intention of running but I checked the radar and it wasn't looking good for running if I didn't want to run in the rain.  So I putzed around and over an hour later still no rain! Boy was I mad. Then I used the exercise bike for 50 minutes, did abs and stretching and then used the bike again. My total workout was 1:27. Too bad I didn't go for an additional 3 minutes to make it an even 90 minutes!  Poly rested on the bed the first time I was on the bike, but once I started doing abs, she was all up in my grill. She likes to go under my torso when I'm doing planks. 
Then I went outside to do some yard work and just as I stepped outside, it started raining. Well I put some mulch down anyway.   I figured I was all sweaty from using the exercise bike so then the rain would be alright.  Then I showered.
Then it was lunch time and short TV time with Dave. I fell asleep through the last 5 minutes of Kitchen Nightmares UK (on Netflix).  Just when it was over, Jen and I were texting about going shopping. She was already at Kohl's. I better put on makeup and hurry to get there but Poly had come to my lap just as I was waking up from my nap and boy was she cute so it took me a few minutes to finally make her get off of me. 
At Kohl's, I found 1 shirt and Jen found 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants.
Then we went to the mall. After 3 hours at the mall, I only found 2 more shirts and they were the same shirt in different colors.  It was very disappointing. I tried so hard. I wish I found more things.  I haven't been shopping in months so I thought I'd see more things I liked.  I tried really hard to buy patterns but failed. Why are patterns just so ugly? Or why are the clothes in the nice patterns always out of my size? 

1st and 2nd shirt: NY&Co. Originally 26.95 - 40% off. Paid $16.17
3rd: Kohl's. Originally 48. 35% off then 15% off - Paid $26.52
Total spending: $58.86

I need to figure the belt out. I couldn't tie it at the store because it had a tie through it so that the belt wouldn't end up missing.
Loft, Express, Nickel via Famous Footwear
After the mall, I tried to get dinner. I got to Panera at 7:05 and they closed at 7. Then I went to Arby's and they were closed.  So I just went home and we made a frozen pizza.  We watched a little TV, then I watched TV.  Now I'm all caught up on Big Brother. I watched the episodes from when I was in Colorado even though I already saw what happened next since I've been back for awhile.

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