Friday, September 23, 2011

9.7 - I Got Dressed

I got dressed... mostly. I didn't put on shoes.
Jeans: Express - Curvy Fit. Too high waisted so they aren't meant to be worn while eating.
Cami: Costco
Cardigan: F21
Sandals: Payless many years ago.

Getting dressed made it easier to carry my camera around. You can see it in my back pocket.  My hips are too wide for the cardigan so I didn't button the bottom even though once it is buttoned it seems like it fits.  I wish these jeans were a little longer. Since they are a flare versus a bootcut if I wear any sort of heel or even a normal shoe, they do a bit of a hovering.  Seeing myself in these makes me want to try on some straight leg jeans to see how different they look.  I have noticed if jeans are tighter at my knee, they make my hips seem wider.   My lower half is like an hour glass with the narrow part of the hour glass at my knees. Just look at that first picture and tell me if you don't see it.
I telecommuted so then that meant I got to hang out with Poly more.


  1. When I first saw this I thought "OMG socks with sandals- NO!!!" Then I saw you mentioned it lol. Poly on the keyboard= too cute.

  2. The sandals were so I could walk outside. I didn't think that then my daily picture would be silly. Oh well. I don't walk outside with some form of shoe on so I guess I can't win.

    I miss Poly. She was too cute this morning when I was leaving for work.

  3. I like this sweater! I have the same issue with pants, but I think I just have chicken legs and a wider torso. I'm looking for jeans with a more relaxed thigh and a flare to balance out the hip...maybe that will make the hourglass a little more evened out looking? I have no idea. I hate shopping for jeans. :/

  4. Thanks. I'm in a love hate with this sweater.
    Love: pockets
    Hate: doesn't quite fit my hips
    Love: stripes
    Hate: not sure how to wear it if it isn't buttoned near the top based on the neckline. It just sits silly.
    Love: length