Thursday, September 29, 2011

Run 3.31 mi - 9.28.11

I wanted to run 8 miles but didn't have enough time if I was going to go to Body Pump too. Perhaps I should not have gone to Body Pump but I was encouraged to go and I listen to encouragement. 

I ran after work but before Body Pump.  After deciding I couldn't run 8, I thought I'd run 4 since the day before I should have ran 4 even though I did nothing. Well 10 minutes into the run I calculated it out and I would only have time to run for 31 minutes to make it to class on-time so 4 miles was out too.

My left knee hurt the first half mile or so. I set my goal time to be 9:20 pace average by the end of the run. I know mile 2 would be slower but the other miles would make up for it.  I didn't want to run too fast since it was my first run after the Great Race, I had to lift right after, and my arm was still sore from the flu shot.

It was a good slow run. I added 1 little housing plan that added .23 to my trip so then I didn't have to double back up and down my street a lot to get to 3.1. I thought it was flat but I didn't run fast on it so maybe it was a slight hill.

I keep adding more data to my standard table. Best and worst split is something that I recently added. But now I will look at my time for the first half the workout and my time for the 2nd half. I like knowing this.  I want them to be consistent or my 2nd half faster. In races my 2nd half is always slower.  Knowing the halfway point is manual unless I end right on a .5 so I will have to remember to do it.  What else would be good to track?
After the run
After I got inside, I got water and left for Body Pump. I made it with 1 minute to spare but I got lucky with green lights. I guess I should have ran a minute or 2 less or quit working a minute or 2 sooner because I didn't like the stress of making it on-time.

At Body Pump I increased some weights. I left some the same. I think I'm at the point that I can increase biceps again. I increased lunges and still thought they were a bit easy so I'll have to go up again. I increased squats, lunges, and shoulders at class. Next week Kelly will start mixing up old releases. I hope she doesn't throw in a hard bicep track when I'm about to increase my weights.  I still have to increase back and chest to get them to where they were a year ago.

Then I ended up staying after class for 40 minutes talking to Steph and her husband, Steve.

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