Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shopping (9/24/11)

I did some shopping by myself at Ross Park Mall and I ended up buying a lot.
I labeled it all for quick reference.

At the Limited skirts, pants, and blazers were buy one get one free so my skirts were basically half off.  All tops were also buy one get one half price.  The prices above reflect that.

At Express, I had a $15 birthday coupon.

At Soma, I used a birthday coupon and a coupon so I got $30 off total.

The skirts from F21 go to my knee because 2 were meant to go to the knee and the other 2 I bought a size Large so then they are longer.

I need to figure out what else to wear with my Limited skirts besides the pink top I already wore with it (31.81) and then the purple cardigan I already wore with it.

I did not even realize how much pink I bought until I got home. I should have realized the purple because that was all from the same store, but I did not. I'm wearing the purple 3 consecutive days at work.

I got home and started creating outfits. I think I made 8. I just have one sweater left. Each day I just pick which one of the 8 I want to wear and work my way down that way.

I went to the mall to buy shoes. The shoe areas and stores were too crowded so I did not even attempt to try any on.
How I wore the first 5 items.
Do you ever find that sometimes you go to the mall and can't find a thing and other times you find tons of great stuff? I was at the mall less than a month ago and it was not a successful trip.  Then this time I found a ton of stuff.  I have been looking for patterned skirts since before Christmas and failing.


  1. You look great, Colleen! I love a successful shopping haul like that, especially one where sales and coupons are involved. I especially like the patterned skirts and wish we still had The Limited in SF. I am stuck in a big, ugly cast right now (ankle injury turned out to be a fractured fibula and torn ligaments) and since most of my pant legs won't fit over this big clunky thing, I am wearing a lot of midi-length skirts, which is a nice change of pace.

  2. I only find stuff when I'm broke. When I have money to burn, I can't find crap. My favorite outfit is the one on the left. Love the neckline.

  3. Thanks Anita. I love successful shopping. It also only took a couple of hours. It wasn't even an all day affair.

    We didn't have a limited here until recently. The day I bought my red skirt from there I was shocked to see one in the mall then I learned it only opened the day before. 3 weeks ago I was there and their selection was crap though. I also like that the skirts are machine washable. Their old ones used to be dry clean only.

    Oh I'm sorry about the ankle injury. You were training for a marathon too weren't you?

  4. Julie, sometimes I go to the mall saying I'm going to spend a minimum amount and those are the days I can't find a thing. Other days I only want to buy 1 thing and I find a million things I like.

    I love the neckline on that shirt too! The best part of the story is I didn't even notice it in the store but I asked the sales associate that let me in the dressing room if she could help me find a shirt to match the skirt if the skirt fit. She brought me that shirt seconds later and said she would still look for more. I stayed in the outfit just to show her what a good pick she had. She told me I looked "bangin'" in it. I'm just a little disappointed it is short sleeve and the sleeves are large so it makes it hard to layer and it is starting to get cold and at work I definitely will need long sleeves.

  5. Nothing frustrates me more than wasting valuable time shopping and coming home empty-handed, and it's times like those when I'm tempted to buy something--just anything--to make the effort worthwhile. But when I compromise like that, I usually wind up buying something that doesn't suit me.

    We had The Limited in SF in the late 90s, but I think they expanded too quickly (as so many chains did in the 90s) and wound up closing their SF stores. There's still one way out in a suburban mall in the East Bay, but it's a long way to travel. I am really liking the look of their recent offerings though when I look on their website. And if they're opening new stores in your area, maybe there's a chance they'll open again in SF.

  6. Yeah a short sleeved sweater is kind of hard to wear in too hot/too cold weather. But you still look bangin! ;)