Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Short Run (1.52 Miles) - 9.21.11

After work I only had a little bit of time before going to Body Pump. I could have easily chose to do nothing since I ran pretty hard yesterday. Instead, I thought I'd go to the track and run some intervals.  Something was going on there so I went to Adams Township Community Park and ran their loop plus a little bit.

I wanted to run 2 miles but thought I wouldn't have time. I got to Body Pump with 1 minute to spare so good thing I didn't run further. Also I didn't even stretch after so if I did that, I wouldn't have even had that minute to spare.

It was a hilly course so I thought I would do a slow run.  I didn't go as slow as I thought so then after half mile I decided to try to get 9:00 pace.   The course felt a lot hillier than the GPS let on. There were even signs about the steep grade.

I'll have 1 more run before my 5k Sunday.

All this running has improved my time greatly.  I hope over the winter it doesn't get slow again like it did last year.
I ran clockwise around the loop plus a little to get to 1.5 mi
After the run, I went to Body Pump for the 3rd time in 5 days.  I probably went 3 times the past 2 months before that. Today it was release 79 again. It was much easier than the first time.  Some of the tracks seemed a lot easier than release 78 that I did on Monday.  I might be able to increase my weights on a few of them next time. I actually made it through biceps without skipping a single rep. Chest and Back seem to be getting easier that maybe I can start getting to my weight selection of a year ago (Using 12 kg now and before used 15 kg for both back and chest.)  After class today I paid for 10 Body Pump sessions even though I belong to the other gym. I'm not really using my current gym enough but not going to quit there either.  Oh well it's worth the extra money if I start working out more and quit slacking. Only working out 4 days a week is not what I want.

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