Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Treadmill Run (9.6.11)

This rain has been really getting me down. I just haven't been in the mood to run in the rain. So today after work I went and ran on the treadmill.  I left work and ate dinner with Dave, then returned to work. I left work for good at 7:30.

I ran at 7.2 mph for 0.5 mi (for a total of 4:20 because of the slow increase at the beginning)
Then I stretched and went over and did some assisted pull-ups just to see where my fitness level at those was at.  In some ways I was better than expected and in some ways worse.  I just need to figure out the best way to decrease the amount of assistance I need.  Do I decrease the assistance and do 6 or 8 instead of 12 or 15? Or do I really decrease it and do 4?  Do I decrease it so that 1 is a struggle and try to get better?  My goal is 0 resistance, but that will be hard because I use the thing like once a month if that. I will try to use it more when I go to the gym.

Then I ran at 8.0 mph for 0.5 mi (for 3:55).  I'm pretty sure that's the first time I ran more than .2 (or maybe less) at 8.0 mph.

(running total = 1 mile and 8:15)

Then I thought about what to do next and ran some high intensity interval training (HIIT). Except I wasn't sure what time intervals to do or what speed. I spent 30 seconds thinking about it.
I ran 3 sets of 9.5 mph for 20 seconds then stop for 20 seconds.  I think this ended up being about .15 mi of running but it is hard to say. I knocked my pen down and it flew off my treadmill so I stopped the thing to get it.

Then I did some more HIIT. Except I don't know if I did enough for it to be considered anything. I'll have to google HIIT a bit after I write this post.  I did 6 sets of 10.0 mph (20 seconds run/20 seconds stop) but had 20 seconds getting up to speed so the first one was a bit long.  I think I had about .4 mi for this.

(running total = 1.55 mi)

OK so I got bored with this so decided to see if I could find an interval programmed thing on the treadmill. I failed but I did something with hills. I want intervals with speed change. I only know how to do this manually. There has to be a way to do it but I don't know how.
I did program 8. It started too slow. Then I upped it to 6.0mph.  At .15 I changed it to 6.5 mph.  Then later 6.6 then later 6.8 then it slowed down and it went slower (like a walk) and then I sped it up at the end because the slow was too slow. In 10 minutes I did 1 mi.

Therefore I did 2.55 miles but only .55 of it was the HIIT.

Apparently I should have had 6-10 reps at HIIT and moderate activity in between instead of stopping, but  Think Pretty Thoughts stops between (example 1 and 2) and that's the only HIIT "research" I did before just now. Oh the Tabata method is 20 seconds sprint to 10 seconds of rest. I didn't even read the entire wiki page and that's the only site I've gone to. I just can't handle running research.

Back in the winter when I ran on the treadmill more I ran at 6.0 mph or 6.6 mph and if I felt like doing a fast interval I did that at 7.2 mph.

Also it pains me not to have any pictures, charts, tables, or graphs in this post.

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