Sunday, September 18, 2011

TV Shows

Recently Julie made a post about what TV shows she watches and I thought that was a great idea. I watch too much TV to go into such detail though even though I wanted to.
So for this week coming up, these are the shows we will be watching.  Some are new, some are old. Not all the shows premier yet so this isn't even the entire list.

There are many times I tell people I watch a lot of TV and they want to know what I watch. I start randomly listing things and talking about them and before you know it, we have a 5 minute conversation.

BTW the site that lists the TV shows is awesome. You should check it out. You can add the shows you watch so all the shows you don't watch don't clutter up the calendar.  It helps you know if there is a new episode on a certain week or not.

Looking at this calendar I realized Brothers and Sisters is canceled. I am upset about that.  Hellcats was also canceled.

I'm a big fan of the shows on the CW. One Tree Hill didn't have any cliffhangers last season so I was a little concerned but googled it and saw it was renewed for this season. It is a shorter 13 episode season and I have to wait a bit to watch that.  I like 90210 and Gossip Girl.  Last year I also watched Hellcats and Life Unexpected.  I wonder what shows I should add to my watch list this year from the CW.  My love of CW started with Veronica Mars. I'm still upset that show is done even though it was maybe 5 years ago when it was cancelled.

I watch American Idol, The Sing Off, and The Voice and I'm tone deaf and don't even listen to music. I can't wait to watch The X Factor.

I love all shows with Chef Ramsey.

I probably watch 2/3 of my TV shows with my husband and the rest I watch on my own. The ones I watch on my own, I tend to save up because to me a show is much more awesome when you get to watch 8 episodes back to back.

In the Summer there aren't that many new shows to watch but I discovered USA shows on demand this year and watched Suits, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains, and Necessary Roughness.  I have watched all seasons of In Plain Sight. Suits I watched with Dave because I told him it was a good show and made him watch the first 2 episodes to catch up.  The thing about using on demand is that the episodes only stay for so long so you have to keep up on watching them.

What TV shows do you watch?  What shows would you recommend? 


  1. There's only one show worth watching: the young and the restless.

  2. Thanks for linking back to me! Do you guys do Netflix? We love it!

  3. Mike, I don't even watch the Young and the Restless. Every now and then I might be at the gym and see it on and within 3 minutes I am caught up on what I missed. I do this every 6 months or so.

    Julie, Did people actually click to check out your post? We have Netflix and get 2 movies at a time plus the streaming stuff. We haven't watched a ton through it. Pawn Stars, Kitchen Nightmares (I think it's the Britain one), and now watching Flashpoint. I love Flashpoint but we are a few seasons behind so I didn't include that on my calendar above. I think there are something like 39 more episodes on Netflix. I said that would be a good way to spend a vacation day.

  4. If you enjoy the shows you've watched on USA, I recommend Covert Affairs and Psych as well. Covert Affairs is on right now and Psych comes back in October - Psych is on it's sixth season, but the previous ones are on DVD via Netflix. :)

  5. I actually saw previews for both and was interested. I hate starting later in the seasons so I might just do Psych totally on Netflix eventually. I wish more shows did streaming instead of waiting 2 days for the DVD.