Thursday, January 26, 2012

1.23 - Sapphire

This is the first time I wore black tights with this skirt. I like it.

Skirt + Shirt = Express (Shirt 2002, Skirt 2010)
Belt: Target
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aldo
I swore I was wearing a necklace in the morning but I guess I wasn't.

I really wish I left for work in the daylight or that I got home from work in the daylight. These shadowy pictures suck.
I took far to long to read ready in the morning.  Perhaps going over to my computer wasn't the best way to hurry it along.

I had numerous meetings. I got lots of action items at the meetings but I didn't have time to do anything because I had far too many other meetings.

At 2, someone brought a "guest" to my meeting. I then learned that guest is my new director.

I took a break from working to go run and then I came back to work.  On my way back to my desk my admin asked if my face turns that red just from running.  She's seen me before after a run so maybe it was worse. I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary in the locker room and then I forgot to look to see what I looked like. Oh well.

I stayed at work far too long.  I finally came home and Dave told me to take a shower before we ate dinner.  After my shower I had Dave cut my hair.  Then we ate leftover stuffed peppers.   Then I watched MSNBC all night except the time I was watching the debate.  I did miss a little debate because I ran upstairs to analyze some running data.

We went to sleep before the debate was over.  We're old. I'm so tired anymore.

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