Thursday, April 2, 2015


Ella took her shoe and sock off!
I spent about 5 hours cleaning. It really hurt my finger. Also doing things with a taped finger is really difficult. At first as I would clean 1 thing, Ella would mess up 2. But then I gave her the iPad with her jams on it and she was content while I cleaned.  She carried it around and wasn't staring at it so I let her have it longer than I would have. I couldn't believe how much I got done! I wish she would be content all the time. It was wonderful.  I didn't even finish cleaning. I looked in the office and thought it was a lost cause so I didn't even do a thing in there.

I fixed some hair bows for Ella while she napped. They were too tight so I swapped the elastic. I didn't measure and they are a little loose but that meant Ella actually left it on her head. But if she moved around it'd fall down.

Lily came over to visit for about 15 minutes around 5.

Then I started cooking dinner! I made tuna noodle casserole. Ella made my life difficult. I fed her cheese and she was better. Then I realized she was starving so I fed her a ton of food while I was cooking and she was done eating before dinner was done.

She was tired so we let the food sit and did her bedtime routine then we ate after she was asleep.

Since I spent a good 45 minutes eating, it was about 8 PM when I was done.  Then I lied on the couch to watch TV. I pretty much fell asleep right away!
example mess

example mess #2
Ella ate the girl scout cookie box!

top bow = original, bottom 3 = new elastic

Poly got me!
updated bows


  1. Those bows are really cute. I can see why you wanted to fix them. We still don't own an ipad. Parker used to always take his shoes off, too.

    1. We own 4. Well I just sold one so it will be 3 later this week.

      We have a lot of bows. I think I have over 40 but Ella just won't keep them on.