Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Ella woke up at 2:30. She fell back to sleep on me twice but woke up going in the crib.  She didn't have a fever. But then with each wakeup it was bad news. She just wanted to play and have me read toher.  Finally in our king bed she went to sleep at 5:50. That is too long to be up!

She woke up at 8 AM for the day or so I thought. She nursed and went back to sleep and slept until 9:15.

A little after 10, she started crawling into the tub that I accidentally left out from her bath the day before. While changing her clothes, I decided I had enough lack of sleep and lack of help and I was going to go get donuts.  I went to Daily Donuts taking Ella. Then I bought gas and stopped at Safeway for milk.  That took well over an hour. I couldn't believe how long it took.  We got home and Dave was still sleeping.

Ella liked donuts but liked to hold an entire donut not just a piece.  We shared 3 donuts then Dave came out and ate 3.  Ella dank about 2 oz of cow's milk with her donuts.

She fell asleep for a nap on me around 1:15. She never transfers to the crib anymore. I had a failed transfer at 1:45. I only tried to transfer her because I really had to go to the bathroom.  I tried to get her back to sleep but that failed.

Around 3, I fed her. She wasn't so good at eating. I gave her a peanut butter sandwich then peanut butter to dip then peanut butter on rice cake (part of mine). She basically begged for the peanut butter but wasn't having any parts of it. I told her she could be messy but just eat.  Then I reheated the mashed potato type thing from Dickie's and got her some ketchup. She enjoyed that a bit. Mainly she made a huge mess.  She had a bath immediately after.

At 4:50, I finally got her to nap.  She napped on me until 7:30. She did wake up and then go back to sleep a few times.  She woke when I tried to put her in her crib again. If only I didn't ever have to go to the bathroom.

Ella basically whined and cried all day. Dave was sick and didn't move from the couch and wanted me to get him food and stuff too. So basically the day made me mad.

At 8, I gave Ella tylenol even though she didn't have a fever. I think she was in pain so wanted her to be able to sleep.  Around 8:30 she was so pleasant and playful that she never wanted to sleep.

She didn't go to sleep for the night until 10PM.  Then I went and figured out dinner for myself.  I also cleaned the mess of a kitchen table.  I didn't clean the mess of kitchen counters though.  I watched Psych and fell asleep during the 2nd episode.  I woke up and went into bed at 1 AM. (Ella woke up at 1:45 AM)

So Dave was sick with a cold and did nothing. When I was equally miserably sick a few weeks ago, I still did it all. He didn't help extra. He didn't come home from work early. Just thinking about it all had me fuming all day/night. My jaw hurt because I was grinding my teeth so bad.  He got to wake up at noon, have 2 long naps, and go to sleep before Ella was asleep. When I was sick I wanted to lie down for FIVE MINUTES and I didn't even get that. When I was sick, I was up in the night with Ella too!  Then I started to feel guilty for being mad. After all he's sick. And that didn't make me less mad.

yes this happened!