Sunday, April 12, 2015

Citrus Lane April 2015

We got our 12th Citrus Lane box so that means we are done. I wonder if I signed up for auto renew or something. Maybe I should look into that.
Here's what we got and the pricing
Airplane from Green Toys - $12.70 for a blue one on Amazon $14.99 from Green Toys (but can't find a pink one)
Handprint Art Kit from Pearhead - 9.72
Bear on a Bike from Barefoot Books - 6.99 (plus shipping)
Nutrition Shake from Ella's - ~$2.50

Total: 31.91

Ella loved the airplane right away. She wanted to drink the coconut milk so I gave her some and then she hated it. I am excited to use the hand print canvas. I've read the book to Ella a few times but she always loses interest.

Lately I have liked the items better. I have heard from others that Citrus Lane is a lot better for kids over a year old and I found that to be true. Also Citrus Lane was bought and the total box value decreased but I liked things better.