Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Long Runs

3 weeks in a row I did long runs with Marie. Each week we ran half straight through and then did intervals. I'm proud of our times.  Dave was home with Ella during these runs so I didn't have to run with a stroller! Oh it was glorious.
On April 11, I wore my heart rate monitor.  It was interesting to see the data. I let Marie wear my old watch and other heart rate monitor. We would compare numbers.
I enjoy the heart rate and the speed overlay.

I can't wait to run more long runs.

I had to go to Excel to do the mile times. My watch gives me every .25 segment and I have to add 4 numbers and in Google sheets that does not work! I am bummed I had to go to Excel.

I think I should find a race to sign up for. Marie is running a half marathon on May 9 but she's traveling to it. I think I need to find another one.

These long runs are really increasing my monthly mileage. I already have 41.97 so far this month (as of April 14). I had 48.75 miles last month (had 1 long run in it) and I had 27.68 the month before.  I really hope I don't get injured with how much I'm increasing my mileage.


  1. I got that stupid heart rate monitor watch and have used the HR belt maybe three times. I'm POed because my one doctor was so enthusiastic about me getting one so we could collect sports data, and then he went to California and will be there 'til like July, so now no sports data because the doctor was my only motivation to try it in the first place.

    I do, however, use the GPS feature pretty often, so it's not a total loss (but I still like MapMyRun better, because the lady yells out splits to you).

    Holy hell, running with a stroller must be so hard.

    "I enjoy the heart rate and the speed overlay." That is a very Colleeny thing to say.

    Maybe I'll try to wear my HR monitor once a week and share the info with you, so I feel like someone who enjoys looking at it would look at it.

    1. you should wear it so you have data when he comes back!

      My watch beeps at my splits and I just have to look down. I like it better than mapmyrun

      Pushing a stroller is hard because you can't use 1 of your hands and sometimes 2. turns or going up and down sidewalks suck too.

      Wear it! Share it!