Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Potty Training

So I haven't even "tried" to potty train Ella. I just sort of asked and she sat and now we ask sometimes. She only peed on the potty the first month of this. The last few days she has pooped on the potty too.
I'm pretty impressed with her.  We use sign language. So far I ask her and she answers by signing or shaking her head no.

She has been on the potty and I thought she was done and asked and she shook her head and sure enough 20 seconds later she went more.

Ella is such a big girl the other night she even pooped on the potty when her friend was over and quite a distraction.
She first peed on the potty on March 21!  She first pooped in the potty on April 26.
I'm not sure when she first signed to use the potty but she did sign on April 23 to use it. (On April 25 she signed to use it but I had just changed her diaper so I didn't believe it then she peed in her diaper a little later. oops)

Ella will probably kill me later because of the pictures.  I'm behind on going through pictures so these were the only handy ones and at least they aren't that revealing.

I decided to post this. Soon I think we will do the 3-day potty training method. I haven't read the book yet. Dave has.  Ella does not wake up from sleeping all night dry though. So I'm not 100% sold on it.  Ella gets upset if she uses her diaper throughout the day so I think she is ready for the day time. Also most naps she wakes up dry.

Do you have anything you wish you did or anything you have read up on and think you will do? Or anything you did and worked great?


  1. Wow go Ella! I know girls train earlier usually, but she's super early. I'm so impressed!

    1. I have heard the same thing but she is super early. I'm impressed too. :)