Monday, August 3, 2015


Marie and I met at Shoreline to do some speed work and take pictures of us running.   Ella signed and then peed on the travel potty right on the side of the trail. Sometimes she is such a big girl.  But then later when I was running, and she signed to Marie. Marie put her on the potty and she didn't go. I got back and a minute or so later, she was playing in the dirt and decided to just pee on the ground.

Ella fell asleep in the car.   I carried her in and she was asleep on me. I get inside and realize I never put the clean sheets on her crib and the mattress was propped up because of that. I ended up waking her up trying to fix this.   I did nurse her and get her but it took a bit to get her to the crib. I think I was in with her an hour.   Ella napped 3 hours and was up by 3 PM.

Ella had a few accidents. She peed on the couch.

She hid behind the computer desk/bookshelf and said "boo."

We picked up Dave and got Wendy's for dinner. Dave ordered way too much. I ordered way too little. Too bad he gets all the condiments on his burgers so nobody else will eat them.

I got Ella in her crib. Everyday I wait until she falls asleep before doing much. I watch the monitor and do other minor stuff. Well I decided to take a shower and told Dave to watch the monitor. Right before getting in the shower I look and see that Ella is not in her crib. I'm confused. A few seconds later, Dave and Ella walk into the bedroom. Ella climbed out of her crib.  She cried a little and said "ow" pointing to her mouth and head but she seemed fine.  I checked the picture a minute that is taken by the baby monitor and in one Ella is just standing in the crib and in the next she's gone. Too bad it didn't catch her climbing at all.

So after this ordeal, Ella didn't go to sleep until 10:20 PM!

Ella said "boo"

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