Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Ella woke me up a few times in the night but went right back to sleep so then I went back to sleep. I was in shock that she didn't wake up to pee.

Finally at 7:15, I woke Ella up. At first I thought she was dry and I couldn't believe it. Then I realized she actually peed in the night and just moved in the crib.  She was so tired but I still didn't expect her to just go back to sleep with pee soaked clothes.

We hurried and finished getting ready.  We dropped Dave off at work. We got to Shoreline at 8 to meet Marie and Clara to run.  We ran 10 miles with Clara and Ella in the double stroller. There were a few times where they were whining but they were overall good. They threw their toys and snacks out of the stroller at various times.  Ella stopped once and peed in her travel potty.  She asked to go a few other times and wouldn't go. All those breaks were so time consuming. It took us 3 hours to actually run for 2 hours.

Ella fell asleep the last 2 minutes of the run. Then I woke her up to get her out and she was not happy.  She was in tired mode and freaked out over the littlest things.

We got home and she didn't nap. Then I fed her lunch. She barely ate. She threw her food. We tried for a nap again. That failed. She ate again. We tried for a nap again. It was all awful. She was a terror. I was ready to die. I couldn't handle it.  She really wanted to drink from a water bottle. She wouldn't let me hold it. I wouldn't let her use it.  Then finally I caved and let her. She spilt some. While cleaning it up, I took the bottle away and she was freaking out. I caved and gave it back, then she spilt more.  She was drinking a lot too.  Then finally to top it all off she just straight up dumped the rest of the bottled water out.

While nursing Ella would hit me and she hit me in the face.  She was being so mean. I'd tell her. She just thought it was funny. Time outs didn't help.

She was so tired. I couldn't handle it.  It was all so awful.   All this lack of sleep makes it all worse with me. I'm on my last nerve.

Finally she fell asleep at 3:45.   I wanted to sleep but then just was so mad about it all and I had so much to do and so much mess to clean up from the awful day that I did not nap.

She woke up at 6:50. I knew I should wake her but I just needed some peace.

We picked Dave up from work. Another one of his coworkers scared Ella. I think she doesn't like new people peaking in the door. If Dave would have taken her out of the carseat she would have done better.

While trying to get Ella to bed, we were hanging out in her toddler bed. She head banged right against my nose and it hurt so bad. I am pretty sure it's crooked too. (It hurt constantly for 2 days and only hurt a little after that.)

She went to sleep at 10:15 PM.


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    1. I reread the entire post to see what was stressful specifically but it all was!