Friday, August 21, 2015


Well was up at 1 and 5:30. I put her back in her crib at 5:30. That was just too early. I remember her waking up at 6:24 and maybe I thought she went back to sleep. I marked on my app that she woke up but then somehow at 7:14 I woke up and saw her and saw she was standing and crying. I couldn't hear a thing. The sound wasn't working on the app. I checked the picture a minute our camera gives us and she was in fact up the entire time between 6:24 and 7:14. Poor Ella. Yet when I got in there she was happy.

She was very good with lack of accidents all day but she did pee in the bed at 1 AM and at her nap time.  She had 1 other accident and she was singing to use the potty but then wouldn't. We had company. Then she kept getting water from her sippy cup and putting it in her mouth and spitting it on the floor and then she peed on that water spot.  What a tricky girl. She thought I wouldn't notice the pee!

We overall had a good day. I went for a run in the morning. I did a nice speed workout. I cut it slightly short because Ella fell asleep and I didn't want her to so I hurried home and woke her up. She stayed up for awhile.

We had a hangout with my mom for awhile. Ella napped early. She fell asleep on me.

We played after nap and went for a walk.  I had a stampin' up class here at 6:30.  Dave kept working late even though he was supposed to get home with Ella.

Lily visited for a little bit during the party. We told Ella Lily was coming before she actually got here and Ella was upset by the door because Lily wasn't there yet.  Once Lily arrived, Ella and Lily played outside with Matt and we got to finish up making our cards. I really liked the break from Ella. She was starting to get into everything. When class first started she was eating and so behaved and then that changed. She is quick. She can climb up on a chair and grab stuff off the table while I'm folding cardstock in half.

The class was quicker than I thought it'd be. The last card was very time consuming.

Ella was tired but had issues falling asleep in bed. I put her in pull-ups for the first time. I am not sure if she will sleep better. I was hoping she would. But she had issues falling asleep. Also as soon as I put it on her she knew it wasn't her gutchies and she wasn't so happy. I asked if she wanted to wear the pull-up and she shook her head no. I asked if she wanted to wear her gutchies and she just motioned to get a move on it and she wanted to nurse.

We ordered Pizza Hut and it arrived after Ella went to bed.
We watched Big Brother. Dave fell asleep during it.

At 11 PM I remembered I had to go return DVDs to the library so I went and did that.

Ella got all up in my way while I tried to use my laptop. (Not sure if this sentence is from during the day or the day I was typing the post.)


  1. I can't believe that story about the water and the pee. She is so smart!

    1. Sometimes I wonder about her. She does super smart stuff often. But then I think maybe it's just a coincidence because people always think their own kid is smart.