Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I left to go running at 6 AM. Ella woke up at 6:15. She really didn't sleep in.  I went in to wake her at 5:20. I was going to wake her and nurse and hope that she went back to sleep and slept in. She stayed sound asleep when I walked in there so I didn't wake her.  Dave said when she woke up she circled the house looking for me.

I ran 10 miles with Marie.

Dave fed Ella oatmeal for breakfast. At 8:30 she seemed hungry again so I fed her cereal.  At 10 she was hungry again so I fed her.

A little after 11 we headed to Jersey Joe's for lunch.  Ella fell asleep in the car. She even stayed asleep on my shoulder walking into the place.  The spatula cutting the steaks for the cheesesteaks woke her up and she wanted some.  She ate a lot of food again.

On my run, I got a bug bite.  It had a good part of my leg swollen. I used my fingers to mark what was swollen for a picture.

Ella fell asleep a little before 2 and napped for 4 hours!  Her nap time flew for me. I napped for over 2 hours of it. I spent some time planning a 7 day push-up challenge.
After nap she wanted to be naked.

Around 8:30 we started bedtime routine but Ella had issues. She was quiet for the most part but just wasn't falling asleep.  She had one of her hats in her crib and she kept putting it on.  She finally fell asleep at 10:06.

Dave and I watched TV and used our computers.  I stayed up until 1 because my nap made it so I wasn't tired at all.


  1. A four hour nap plus falling asleep in the car? Wow.

    1. usually a car nap means she won't even nap at all later! So this was a real treat!