Sunday, August 2, 2015


Ella woke up at almost 2 AM. She had peed in her crib. Then she peed on the floor a few minutes later. I even put her on the potty between those times but that didn't help.

She woke up at 6:30 and she had peed in her crib again. All last week she was at least waking up and then peeing while standing or waiting until I got in there. Such a bummer to be 0 for 3 for the day before Dave even woke up.

Then the day was better with actually potty usage.   We went for our run at 9. Marie picked us up since Dave had a dentist appointment. We were a little bit late then ran 4 miles. Ella fell asleep on the run.   I woke her up a little bit short of a half hour because we were at the play structure.   Ella was drowsy at first so not as playful. I feared she would pee the entire time but she never did.

photo bomb

 After we got home, I invited Gio and Lily over to swim. I didn't have the pool out of the garage yet. I also didn't know where her swimsuit even was. I had to blow up the pool too.  It all worked out and was quite hectic. Luckily Gio drove over so then I could use the cigarette lighter in her car to power our compressor and blow up the pool faster.  Ella LOVED the water. She loved playing.

 They also had lunch on Ella's picnic table. Ella sat beside Lily and we said they should kiss and they were so cute about it.

Around 1, they left and Ella actually took a nap. Usually after a stroller nap she's so screwed up but the pool helped.  She napped for over 3 hours. The pool still had water in it so I wanted to get more use out of it. We went back out there. Ella had fun again. I called my mom on a google hangout so she could see Ella playing.

Dave worked late. He got home and worked at the dinner table. Then he worked more. I made hot dogs so he could easily eat those while working.

Ella went to sleep pretty well. She asked to use the potty and everything.  While eating a pre-dinner dinner she did sign to use the potty and when I questioned her she shook her head no. But then minutes or seconds later she peed. I guess I should have trusted her first sign and not her denying it.

Overall it was a successful potty training day.

Dave and I watched 2 episodes of Suits. Then he was back working again.

It was so hot. It was hard to fall asleep. I put a fan on Ella in her crib. She was so cute. She moved her little pillow to the other side of the crib from where I put it. She put the pillow and slept where the fan was on her more.


  1. Reading about the potty training is stressful. We had maybe 3 accidents the entire time we trained Parker, but that was probably because he was nearly 3. I waited a long time because I knew training would suck.

    1. Some people said I should have gone totally bottomless around the house. I'm not sure that would help. It's funny when I put a pullup on her for a specific reason she always asks to go and keeps the pullup dry (unless she's sleeping). Ella was going to the potty so well prior to the "training" but according to the book I did the leadup to the wearing panties wrong so that could be why it was so tough.