Thursday, August 27, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30. She drank milk instead of nursing in the morning. I forget what day exactly she stopped nursing in the morning but then there were a few days after the 1st where she woke up at 5 and I nursed and got her back to sleep so it was like she sort of got a morning nursing session then.   She is not a happy camper.

Ella likes to hang out in bed and use the covers. She also likes to just wear her gutchies and no other clothes. Once she figured out how covers work, she likes to sit with them on.

She's on her 7th or so day of being "Growth Spurt Ella."  She eats a lot. I like it that she is less picky and less messy.

Ella was climbing at the park and taught a 17 month old to climb up the ladder. The grandpa never let the girl climb up it before but I guess she had to do it because Ella did.  Someone had a toy lawnmower and Ella loved it!

I gave Ella a chocolate covered pretzel crisp and she got quite chocolaty.

The rest of the day was nothing spectacular.

Ella needs some work on her selfie skills


  1. That selfie LOL. I like the term "Growth Spurt Ella". haha

    1. Sometimes I'm creative.
      But the only other creative one was when I called her a rolling machine when she was rolling over a lot.