Saturday, August 15, 2015


It was an awful day. I was going to cook but it didn't happen. I went to pick Dave up and that took 50 minutes because of a stupid concert at Shoreline. It was awful. Ella was awful. Ella turned on the gas on the stove and I didn't notice until we got home and it smelled like gas inside.

I walked after I dropped Dave off at work. I was still too sore to run.

Ella ate lunch and was super messy!

We did a google hangout with my mom after nap. Ella was super messy when eating AGAIN.  She had a nice long bath afterwards. She discovered flinging around the wash rag so she had a blast.  She's also put the wash rag over her chest and I'd ask her if she was trying to be decent.

My mom loves how when she blows kisses to Ella, Ella signs "more" to her to get more kisses!

Instead of peeing in the potty, she ran to the shower, peed, then wiped her hands in it to wipe on the shower walls. She was laughing the entire time.

The day was just all around awful. I figure that's enough elaborating.

On a more positive note, Ella opened her book and said "B" and she was pointing to a B. Then I said "C" and she pointed to the ceiling. The C was Camel on the ceiling. She's so smart. Then she flipped a few pages and pointed to an owl and said "owl." She's always surprising me.

Kathryn's mom gave me fried rice. It's so good. I was nice and shared it with Ella but she was a bit messy with it.


  1. The peeing on the shower wall story cracked me up.

    1. It is funny now. Better a shower wall than normal walls too. But still that little bugger.