Friday, May 10, 2019

Kids Say ... (Febuary and March 2019)

Wow I'm getting worse and worse at documenting good quotes.  Here are a few.


Miles walked over and tried to lick me
Me: you didn’t just try to lick me did you?
Miles: No. I tried to hug you.
Then he goes in for a hug and lick


Miles: Mommy can you help me”
Me: Help with what?
Miles: Stop these kids
Me: Are they too noisy?
Miles: They keep throwing balls at me

He’s on floor playing with magnatiles and the kids do keep throwing balls at him at a meetup.


Here is why husbands/dads need to help clean. This conversation just happened after Ella made a mess just pushing stuff off the table
Me: you have to help clean up and put stuff away. It can’t be all on mommy especially now when I’m in pain and can’t bend well
Ella: ok. So mommy and Ella can clean but Daddy and Miles don’t have to. —-😬
Me: No. Everyone has to help and clean and put stuff away


We are on our way to a birthday party.
Me (to Miles): Do we like going to birthday parties?
Miles: Yea!! and we like going to Target too.


Me: Hey Miles what did you do at preschool today?
Miles: Kissing
Me: Who were you kissing?
Miles: Everybody

Me: Were other people kissing?
Miles: No

I asked him numerous times over 2 days his favorite part. He always said kissing. Then I asked around and the one teacher did give him a kiss on the forehead when he did a good job listening. I guess that was his favorite part.


Miles: I’m tired. Does this party have beds?
At Ishaan’s birthday party


Doorbell rang and we answered it.

Hi i’m Colleen
Hi I’m Lupe
Hi I’m Mr Miles.


Miles just walked over to me in the kitchen to tell me “You look beautiful”

(I’m in a dress but not fully dressed)

Later he told me I should wear my running shoes and handed them to me telling me then I'd be "super pretty."


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