Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Workout Pants with Pockets

I posted awhile ago asking for suggestions on extra long pants that wouldn't be too short on me. I got suggestions but they were still too short. Then randomly I went to Marshalls and looked at all their pants. I looked at the entire rack and tried on the pants that were 4 or more inches longer than the standard.

I found the same pants online and then on amazon. Then the reviews on amazon were all complaining that they were much longer than the stated inseam. Now that link is unavailable :( :(  Even on the 90 degree website they seem sold out.

One pair of pants from Marshalls is Hypertek and the other is 90 Degree which is funny since they are the same brand according to the internet. So many people say 90 Degree Reflex pants are awesome. They are buttery soft. They aren't quite as long as the Hypertek ones so I guess they are better for the average person. It's hard to give a proper review since everything is high waisted and I just wear it all below my huge pregnant belly. But the fact that they work for that is amazing.  Now I just need to find these Hypertek ones somewhere so I can order a small so when I'm not pregnant and still losing baby weight I have a pair of pants to wear with a pocket.

Look I'm already wearing them so much that the printing on the inside of the pants is wearing off.

These pants I got at Marshall's but don't like them as much as the Hypertek ones. 
I had all the above written for weeks but decided to try to wait to see how they work when I'm no longer pregnant. I love them even more. Also since then I checked the one link I ordered my medium black ones and they had 1 small available when I checked back so I bought them.  I still have to wear the light purple ones. I just lack nursing tops that match so haven't worn them yet.

If you ever see Hypertek ones let me know! If you find anything insanely long let me know too!   Pretty soon it'll be capri weather so I will have an easier time shopping.

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