Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3.1 mile run - 9.7.11

I was going to run my standard loop and do just over 2.5 miles but while I was running I thought up how I have a file that has all my 5k splits and to put a run on there I have to run at least 5k so I changed my mind and decided to add to my run.  The weather was great. It was 62 degrees. No humidity. It was great to be able to run and breathe at the same time.

3 out of my first 4 splits were 2:15. After the first one, I decided to make my goal 9 minute mile pace so then I kept counting how many seconds I had to spare or how many behind I was.  I was ahead for a little but then between 1.25 and 1.5, I got behind. I had to make up time.  That probably helped me push it a bit more. Then I got 2 at 2:12 to help me make up time.

Best split: 1:58. Worst split: 2:29. Quite the range. 
I tried to look back at all my Garmin Data to see each time I ran near my house. I put together a little summary table. It made me a little more disappointed.  I thought today was awesome compared to past times but it wasn't really.  My best split was a short run that wasn't my normal loop. It was mainly flat and I went Ambassador, to Ridge, To Denny, and back.

I have my running data from 2010 but I didn't write where I ran each run so I can't really compare.  Man I tried to refrain from typing all my data and documenting everything and I still spent an hour after each run but now I wish I had different data. I could spend hours redoing things.  I can check my blog because I tend to document on here what I did. I don't know if I always blogged about all my runs though. Just looked and I did not.  I want more data. I'm addicted. Data is so fun. I document as much as possible. Some times I haven't and I always think about it. September of last year I lacked at documentation and now I'm wondering what it really was.  I don't even know how people go for runs without even knowing how far they ran. Or sometimes without even knowing how long they were running for. Man I could not handle that.

I had to run past my street and then double back and then go down past my house and turn around. I ended up having to pass my house again. I really wanted to get to get to 3.1 and the loop as I was doing it would have only been 2.8 or so.
The course feels a lot flatter than it used to. I hate hills but need to find a good hill workout to do. Hill workouts will kill my averages but will make me better in the long run.  I don't like that the Garmin started me at such a slow speed so then you can't easily see the speed changes.

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