Saturday, September 17, 2011

8.22 - Saying Goodbye

We slept in the latest so far. I knew this was a bad sign of staying up too late. I did stay up too late. It was past 3am (Colorado time).

We went to Griff's to get Callie's instruments and then go to Safeway. This ended up with us taking Griff to Safeway and us going back to Griff's to hang out.   Griff then made us the best quesadillas ever. They had sausage on them. I didn't even think I liked sausage and I never had it on a quesadilla.  There was also salsa right on it. Who knew I would like it so much.  I liked it so much that I texted Dave telling him all about it.
We took Huck with us when we left since Callie mentioned how she was going to go for a run.  I already posted about that run and how I ran in the hail.

I finally got to go on the book bus with Callie. It was crazy. Kids would run out just to see her. Some girls just wanted to sit on the bus and talk to Callie. They didn't even want a book this time. It took awhile and we only went to one trailer park.  We went to dinner right after. We went to Quincy's were the choices were 6 oz, 9 oz, 12 oz, and 15 oz filet mignon. They were out of the 12 oz too.  You started out with a little salad that was just one of those salad packages so no vegetables besides the little carrot and onion slivers.  Then with the steak we all go a baked potato and a thin slice of cantaloupe.  It was good but it was still odd to only have 1 choice.  If it was the weekend, we would have had a choice of prime rib too.  6 of us had dinner together.  Then we went to the bar afterwards. They had some special on beer that it was $1.   This is where the fun began.  Lots of talking took place and if you know me talking is my favorite part.  I had to go to the bathroom but didn't want to miss out on anything so I decided to hold it until we got home.  Well that didn't go well because I didn't get into the bathroom for many hours. Boy did I have to go.

Lots of talking took place but I wish more of it took place.  I also played solitaire for a few hours while talking and could never win. I guess 2-3 AM is not the best time to try to play.  Callie even fell asleep and talking was still going on. Not enough though. I never learn enough. By learn I mean just random stories. I want to know all stories in everyone's lives.

It was a shame to end the Colorado trip on such a good note because that would make me miss it even more. It was just a fun day all around. But I guess I'd still rather have a fun day that I'll miss for 6 months than have a sucky day.

Here's how it goes, I hang out with Callie then miss her and miss her more and more after we're not together then that lasts for months and months. It lasts until right about the time that some visit happens again and then it all repeats itself.

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  1. I realized I read all these posts without ever commenting on them, because we already lived it. Every time I look at them I miss the time that Colleen & Timmy Came to the West.