Tuesday, September 13, 2011

8.24 - Tired

I arrived so late on the 23rd that I was super exhausted when I woke up on the 24th.  I hit snooze for a long time.  I went with something simple. 

Skirt, shirt, cami: Express 
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia

A great thing about flex time is the ability to hit snooze many times and still not be late for work.  The downside of that is if you get to work later, you have to stay later. 

Since I went so long without seeing Poly, I didn't want her to feel neglected so then I put her in my daily picture. 

I also took many pictures of her throughout the day.  Poly went right to sleeping on me after work. I was happy because last time I traveled, she snubbed me for a day like she was mad at me or like she forgot who I am. 

It felt so hot. I got used to the cool Colorado nights. I had trouble sleeping it was so hot.

So I got back from Colorado and the next morning weight myself to an incredibly low weight for me.  Dave always says there is the World of Warcraft diet which is that you are so busy playing then you don't snack.  Well maybe there is the Callie Diet or Colorado Diet where you are so busy doing 8 million things that you forget to eat extra to compensate. I lost over 5 lbs. I expected it to pop right back up but it wast at least that much lower.  The jeans I had packed were very loose on me by the end.  My mom noted that my thighs looked skinnier.  Maybe I should have visited Callie 5 months earlier when my red pants first stopped fitting.  My gut was gone too. It was nice and flat. I should have taken a picture. 


  1. I am falling in love with your cat. Congrats on the weight loss :)

  2. Thanks Julie. I fell in love with her too :) It is hard to believe that 1.5 years ago not only did I not like cats but I was afraid of them. Crazy.