Sunday, September 18, 2011

BodyMedia Fit While Sick

My husband has been sick all week. On Wednesday, he sent me his Tuesday's data and asked if he was doing it right.  Look how many hours he was lying down.  Isn't that nuts. I've had my armband for 2 weeks short of 2 years and my maximum lying down is a little over 13 hours.  He woke up Tuesday and thought he might go to work. He decided against it and I said the same thing. Looks like his day wouldn't have been so productive if he tried to work.  Dave didn't go to work Monday or Tuesday (the sleep cycle is from noon to noon).  He did telecommute on Wednesday.  He got lightheaded walking 20 ft to pick up his laptop bag and carry it over to the bed.  He told me later that after 2 hours he did move to his desk. He went into work on Thursday. He was still unable to eat. He had some broth and crackers over the previous few days.  Poor guy.
I didn't document my food on Tuesday but I did on Sunday and Monday when he was sick.  When he's sick it is like I'm on a diet because I feel bad eating around him. Also I don't want to cook just for me.  My weight showed a drop in weight too.  To remedy this, on Wednesday I stopped to buy dinner and bought myself a pumpkin pie. I ate 1/4 of it that night and 1/4 the next day. It helped my calories consumed number. Too bad those were all the wrong kind of calories.


  1. I probably spent 23 hours and 40 minutes in bed yesterday.

  2. Why were you in bed so long? were you sitting up on a computer? PB wasn't. BMF doesn't count it as lying down if you are tilted up. (Also if you sleep sitting in a chair it doesn't register. I tested this before.)