Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:01:21 AM - Poly stuck her head in my glass of water and her nose hit the water and she got scared and took her head out of the glass. repeat 4x.
12:30:12 AM - @emipoe Oh good. Do you have a blog? (I don't recognize your twitter name)
12:42:44 AM - @emipoe It varies. Some super popular ones post the same as ones with 10 viewers.I haven't found any like mine(run, cats, exercise, clothes)
12:53:46 AM - Scrap and Run: Miles - 2 years worth (sorta)
12:55:14 AM - oh boy it got super late all of a sudden.
01:00:33 AM - @angelineevans happy birthday and yay for running. (I may be a little bit obsessed with that)
08:20:45 AM - Thank you. It makes my day when people like my blog. (makes my week when I get comments)RT @emipoe: @SmilinColleen that's why I like yours!
08:21:37 AM - @angelineevans I'm no expert runner but I am glad I'm an inspiration. Keep track of your training. Seeing the progress is motivating.
10:02:58 AM - @DaizyCh I don't think that is the song. It was not country
11:26:59 PM - I watched a lot of TV tonight. The office, big bang theory x2, the mentalist, 90210, unforgettable, and part of dancing with the stars.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.