Sunday, April 5, 2015


Ella had a bad night in the night but then she slept until 9 AM!!!

We went to story time at 11 AM.  After we went to Marie's to have Ella and Clara hang out and we had some lunch.  We accidentally stayed until 2 PM. Ella fell asleep in the car on the way home. But then she woke up going into the crib and wouldn't go to sleep!

It was a rough couple hours then a little before 4, I took her for a ride to get her to go to sleep. She did.  Then when I got home, I just sat in the car in the driveway while she slept.  After over an hour we went to pick Dave up. Then we got In N Out. Once the food got in the car, Ella woke up.

Ella held a cheeseburger and ate it. I was impressed. Then I taught her about dipping it in ketchup.  She loved it!

Ella went into her crib but didn't fall asleep for awhile. I kept thinking she was asleep but then was always up after a couple minutes.  She didn't even cry until 50 minutes in. Since she was good for so long we decided to check it out.  She was hot! Good thing we went in. Dave read her 2 stories, then I read her 1.  We did this while she sat in front of a fan. We also opened her sleep sack.  She fell right asleep going back into the crib. I realized later that I left the fan blowing on part of the crib.  That is the part of the crib that she slept in!

I took a ton of pictures at Marie's. It was difficult with my fingers taped. Somehow so many ended up blurry. The kids move a lot so I don't know why they ended up blurrier than normal. I still got maybe 30 good pictures out of 130.

Here are more pics from Marie's. They are out of order.

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  1. That little green 4 wheeler is pretty awesome. You can really see Ella's teeth good in that one laughing picture.