Sunday, April 26, 2015


Ella woke up in the night. She was up forever. She was even back in her crib crying and then we got her,  She had a fever.   She ended up in bed with us.  She only fell asleep close to 6 and I had to wake up before 7 for my doctor appointment.

Initially I scheduled it for my finger and I told Dave Ella was staying with him. Since she had a fever and I was guessing ear infection I took her hoping she could have my appointment.  It wasn't with my normal doctor and he doesn't see kids so they wouldn't schedule it.  So while checking in for mine, I made a 9:50 for Ella with a PA.  I thought I'd go home then come back. HA.

At 8:10, the nurse popped her head in saying the doctor was running late and he'd be in in 5-10 minutes.  This was for a 7:40 appointment and his first appointment of the day!

He spent 2 min with me and sent me over for an x-ray. I had to wait for the tech to show up there or something so I had to wait more.

Then I had to go back over and tell them I was back so I could go back and see the doctor. We waited FOREVER here. Ella had had enough!  They claimed they needed a room so they were waiting for that. I saw 4 people get called back after they said that though.

Then he said the radiologist hadn't looked at my films yet but he'd look. He said no break and nothing wrong. He said  not even to buddy tape my fingers anymore. Well I said it hurt too bad so I would and I'd probably get a splint too.

By the time we were done it was 9:30 so I checked Ella in for her appointment. Luckily that was only a little bit late.  Ella had a throat and ear infection and we'd need antibiotics.

I knew from the long day we'd go home first plus the prescription wouldn't be ready right away anyway.  After her nap we went over. I bought a splint and got Ella's amoxicillin.  I got home and saw I just got a voice mail. I listed and it was a nurse from the doctor's office I saw in the morning. They got results from the radiologist and my finger is in fact broken. I'm to wear a splint for 2 weeks. So that's all I was told.    I  already wrote a post about the finger.  And that was pretty much my day.

We couldn't go to the park since Ella would be contagious for 24 hours.  We had sandwiches for dinner.


  1. Man that is rough. At least you got her some meds though and they didn't send you home saying it was just a virus.

    1. I knew it wasn't a virus but I hate how you have to put up with a doctor to get medicines.