Monday, April 20, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:30 but then went back to sleep. She slept all the way until 8:45. I went in as soon as I heard her. She hadn't started crying yet or anything. I needed to get a move on it. I was supposed to run by 9 am. I had informed everyone I would meet them after they started.  They understood but I still felt bad.  I got there at 9:20 so it wasn't too bad.

We ran 4 miles.  Then the babies played. They had so much fun!  We got home around 11:30.   Ella was so clingy. I'd sit on the floor by her and she'd straddle me and give me hugs. She didn't want to be further away from me than that. I thought it'd be a bad sign for the day. She also refused different foods for lunch.

Ella fell asleep a little after 1.  I was scared to put her in her crib since she has been constantly been waking up when I try to transfer her. I sat there for about 30 min debating putting her in.  Then I got her in her crib!   I had time to lift weights for a bit then shower. Then I finished a few blog posts I hadn't had time to do. It felt great to get some me time. I also cleaned up a little.  I still had more I wanted to do but anything was better than I had time to do recently!

Ella woke up and played. She was content. She even spent 20 min just playing with the baby gate. I did dishes. I also did things like read fb.   I was all ready to cook dinner but Dave wasn't in the mood for it so then I picked him up and we went to Five Guys.

Ella had so much fun at dinner. She loves ketchup.  She didn't like the fries so much because Dave ordered cajun fries.  I didn't like the cajun fries either. Ella would just stick out her tongue because it was hot but she wanted more fries with ketchup. I gave her more of my burger to compensate for her lack of fries.

After we got home, we played and hung out. Ella was so playful. She's so cute. Her pj pants were too short so she was tugging at them to get them down to her ankles. That's a symbol of the rest of her life with her long legs.

She fell asleep a little after 8 and then Dave and I watched TV. Well Dave fell asleep before the first show was even over.

Ella only nursed 6 times today. I need to keep this up! It helped that she fell asleep the first time I tried to get her to fall asleep. Each session was 3 hours apart except 1 set was 2 hours apart.  I'm pretty sure this is how often newborns should nurse not 14 month olds!

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