Monday, May 31, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

08:20:54 AM - Kitty is afraid of everything.
08:59:45 AM - How is my iPod battery so close to dead? It is going to be hot by the end of my run.
10:07:19 AM - my ipod battery is so dead because the thing won't turn off.
10:07:21 AM - ran 5.64 mi on 5/31/2010 at 8:59 AM with a pace of 7'56"/mi
10:09:03 AM - my shins hurt during my run today. i almost quit 4 minutes in. then they felt ok. now i'm done and they hurt.
01:00:57 PM - I don't like my new midrise jeans. They are more like get in your gut's way jeans.
01:02:09 PM - @iamoddd It's all lies. it was 5.15 not 5.64 mi. I hate that when you calibrate it, it doesn't show up as a run and so i don' wanna fix it
01:05:08 PM - @iamoddd that's what it was for me on Saturday. It took about 300 tries for my data to upload. what it should show.
01:07:22 PM - @iamoddd I just tested the link & it took me right to it but it also remembered that it was me so I can't decipher it. reason #12 to hate it
01:27:11 PM - so i misplaced my cell phone. I kept thinking it was in the other room. i realize i forgot to put laundry in the on the dryer
02:17:59 PM - One neighbor tells the other party at her house all invited. Doesn't tell us though. We also don't know her.
02:59:42 PM - Dave said kitty wants her privacy when using the litterbox but I took video anyway
09:28:04 PM - Too bad I didn't get video of Jason peeing on the bedroom floor. RT @mikecherepko: You better never have kids
10:36:27 PM - 4 string cheeses = good bedtime snack.

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