Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday, May 29 - Run Only (rest in another post)

Saturday morning I had plans to run with Haley at North Park at 8am so I had to set my alarm bright and early.  Dave and I went to sleep around 9pm the night before but I still needed an alarm.

I woke up to an email from Haley wanting to run/walk the 5 mile loop.  I left to meet her and I thought I'd be late but I was early.
She was there a minute early too.
The plan was to walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2, run 1, walk 1/2 for a total of 5 miles.  We both used the Nike+ distances and I knew it was off but we followed them anyway.  Her Nike+ said she went 5.7 miles even though it was 5.15.   Mine said we ran 3.7 and we ended up with an extra half to run at the end.  I wanted to use the posts to run but they are missing every now and then and conveniently missing at our first marker.

Haley had joked that once I was done with her I would run after because running with her wasn't a real workout.  I laughed but then it sort of came true.  Too bad I didn't have any water with me.  It got hot.  Haley and I talked for about a half hour so then my 2nd loop started around 10 and so by the time I was done it was pretty hot and sunny.
Data from Runs Only (Was probably only 3.2 mi)

Data from run and walk (except it was 5.15 not 5.72)
The run didn't seem like that much of a workout so I decided to run again. I hate now Nike+ makes it out like it was a workout.
2nd loop Run only portion - was 4.5 mi

not is off. i didn't time the calibration. missing .25 of run.
I walked for .75 out of 5.5 for the 2nd loop but I missed timing the first .25 where I calibrated.  I forgot to note that when I was totally things.  The only time the Nike+ was calibrated right was during the .25 stretch that I actually calibrated it at. Going up hill it was way off.

It's funny how I used to run 10:34 with running the entire 5th mile.

After the run I really wanted water. I touched my face and it felt salty. Oops. That has never happened before.

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