Friday, January 13, 2012


Dress: Loft (purchased a few months ago, never worn)
Belt: Target
Shoes: JCP
Earrings: Target
Necklace: Sears

This dress was so comfortable
Dave and I made the icing for the apple cake.  I made carrot cookies and the icing.  Gram's recipes are hard to follow.  She didn't have a baking time.  Her amounts for the icing covered about 5 cookies.  Have you ever made icing with orange juice and powdered sugar before?  I have now.   1 cup of powdered sugar and 1 tablespoon of orange juice is not enough and not the right proportion so I started winging it and just dumping it in. That worked out well.
We headed to my parents and Poly did not want to cooperate. She thought she was boss.
Poly really likes her scratching post when we take it to my parents.
I took pictures of the food and room but not of the people.
Around 11pm we started opening presents.  Poly couldn't wait until we got most of the opening done so she could get at the tree skirt. Dave got a lot of clothes for Christmas.   We stayed up far too late. It was about 2 am before we were headed upstairs to sleep.  I had to sleep on the couch because there weren't enough beds for me.


  1. Cute dress!! I love it!


  2. Thanks everyone. I still have yet to figure out how to wear it to work. I was looking for one of those cardigan vests that is looser and longer so my outfit doesn't seem so form fitting but I have yet to find one. Any other ideas?

    1. Maybe a fitted blazer would look nice for work.