Saturday, September 10, 2011

9.8.11 - YPE Event

I chose my outfit around my new shirt. Then after I was wearing it, I realized my very similar new shirt was just worn the most recent time I was at work. I wonder if anyone notices. Nobody probably does and they are the same style but different colors and so I guess if I buy similar items like that, I might end up wearing them close together.

Shirt: NY&Co (9.5.11 - $16.17)
Cardigan: NY&Co (11.7.10 - $19.84)
Belt: Kohl's (Spring 2011)
Skirt: Express (August 2009)
Shoes: Hot Cakes via The Shoe Dept (2005)
The only non outfit photos from the day are from after I got home at 1:30 AM. That's what happens when I actually do something and have a life.

I went to work and had about 6 hours of meetings in my 9 hour work day. I always wonder how I am supposed to get work done between all the meetings.

Then after work I headed to the Nuclear focused Young Professionals in Energy (YPE) event.  I helped the planning a lot with this but other people did more. This was third quarterly event. The previous one had about half the people show up who actually RSVPed so I was a little worried.  Well the event was a success. We had a full room (Over 110 people). Lots of people talked about how great the presentations were and how great the panelists were. The panel was really good. They interacted with each other so that helped.

So then the thing was since I helped plan the agenda when all the emails came out with it, I never realized there was an After Event. I did not help plan that.

Event Schedule:
   5:30 Doors open for Networking and Cocktails
   6:00 Dinner is Served
   6:15 Brief Overview of How a Nuclear Power Plant Works
   6:30 Keynote Address Begins
   7:00 Panel Discussion and Questions
   7:45 Networking Time
   8:00 Event Ends and After Event Begins (Sponsored by Turn Right Tools)

Prior to the dinner, everyone that came up to me to talk to me, I actually recognized and knew their name. I must be getting better. Usually I know about half the names. Then after the event, it actually took me until 8:45 to leave the hotel because of all the networking going on there.  The After Event was at Echo. I had never been there. It was fancy. It was nice. With so many people there it was hard to find the people I knew. This forced me to meet new people which was great (and scary).  Later I learned that during this time, Troy Polamalu was there eating dinner with his wife. I totally missed it. I was too busy talking.  Around 11, I see my friend there. I can't believe she was there the entire time. She said there were times she even waved to me. Oh boy, I need to work on observing what is around me while I talk to people I guess.

So I ended up leaving at 1:15 or so. I was out very late for a work night. A lot of the people that were out that late, did not have to work the following day. I met some new people and even got some business cards to help my memory. What I did after I got their card and was done talking to them was grab a pen and jot down some notes on the back of the card about them and our conversation. That has helped me in the past when I have done it.

Some highlights from the night
  1. Person 1 introducing me to Person 2 as "This is Colleen. She blogs. Sometimes if I want to know what she wore the day before I check out her blog."  The person I was introduced to got all excited that I have a blog. I went on to tell her how it is boring and that I couldn't believe Person 1 even goes to it.  There was some blog talk and I was rather impressed that someone actually goes to my blog. At one point my blog was described as impressive. 
  2. Less than 15 minutes after meeting someone and mid conversation yet Person A asks Person B "Are you gay?" and then that made for some awkward conversation.
  3. Being mentioned by a presenter, who is an exec at Westinghouse, about my involvement with NA-YGN and all the time that I put in. He mentioned one other person too.  I was surprised he even knew my name or who I was.
  4. Getting to talk to the three panelists after the event to tell them what a wonderful job they did and how I was glad they could take the time out of their day to come to the event.
  5. Multiple people gave me goodbye hugs and most of them weren't awkward. (I often say how I'm an awkward hugger.)  But some people just gave goodbye hugs to others and when they got to me they asked if they could hug me. So perhaps my awkward hug fear was showing.
  6. I got a compliment on my necklace.
  7. I got a compliment on my shirt. Then I even got asked where I bought it. 
  8. Two different people asked for my blog address and said they would look at it. (I already know at least one went to it.)
Some random information
  1. The food was amazing and I wish I got more of it. Since I was helping with different things, my food got a little cold before I got to eat it and it was still great.
  2. I drank water all evening even though drinks were covered as part of the event.  Then a few people ask me why I wasn't drinking and if I ever drink. (I do drink. Not often. I don't like beer or wine which is all that was covered at the actual event. By the time I went to the after event, it was crowded and I didn't figure out how drinks were working and I didn't know how long I'd say. I won't drink close to a time when I have to drive home.)
  3. I already forget the names of some of the people I met but other people I know were there too. I may have to ask around to figure it out so next time I see them I will know their name.  I hate how I remember many facts about the person and much of the discussion but then don't remember the name. 


  1. I heard Joe gave me a shout out also while answering a question, however someone had asked me right before what I think they should do about switching positions, so i was talking and missed it :(

  2. Yea Nicole we were both mentioned at the same time.