Sunday, January 13, 2019

27 Weeks (January)

I had my glucose test and results were posted later that day.  I also had some blood work done. My iron is low. No surprise there. But then I checked my prenatal vitamin to see how much iron I was getting and it was 0!!!! Buying other vitamins to include iron!

2013 and 2016 for comparison
I keep thinking I look huge. I am a lot bigger than other pregnant friends who are further along. Then also some people show even more. Everyone is just different.  At preschool one mom is due Feb 28 and one in March and I'm bigger than them.

I tell people how I am in my trend of gaining 3 lbs a week and I don't think they believe me. My gain is on track based on these generic graphs but I lost weight then gained that and then gain at a very rapid rate the last trimester so at first I'm low then on track and then I'm way too high.  I found a calculator since my apps don't seem to tell me about weight gain anymore.
Size of baby: Cauliflower, 14.4 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 2 pounds, which is the same weight it listed for 26 weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  17 lb gain overall. I gained 3.0 in the past week. (I saw I gained 3 lbs last time and thought oh how exciting I gained way less than that this time then I went and looked and was in disbelief that I actually gained 3 lbs this time too.)

Maternity Clothes:  I sleep in T-shirts but they are getting small. All tops are maternity that I wear in public anymore. My hoodie is not but it won't zip. My maternity hoodie doesn't have pockets so I suffer.  My pants are all athletic pants but my XS ones are too small. Why is it so hard to find pants in long length. (I have 2 medium pants I bought when 8 months pregnant with Ella that are still big. I have 1 pair of small pants that I bought when I was still heavy after having Miles.  So then I tried to buy more pants but I'm failing.) 

Gender: Boy

Movement: There is movement but I feel like it was way more last time.  

Sleep: My sleep is not so good. I'm so tired at night from being so lightheaded I don't even start netflix or get out my laptop. But then I may wake up in the night and then can't fall back to sleep if it's close to morning.  Miles was up 1 night this week from 1-3:45 and then I couldn't fall asleep until 5:30. That was rough. I napped twice this week. I was really fighting a cold/sick. 

What I miss: Exercising. Functioning without being lightheaded. 

Symptoms: Going to the bathroom A LOT. My low back hurts a little.  My leg muscles seem to crap a lot more lately. But also I think I suck at drinking water so then I blame the cramping on that.  My groin will hurt a lot and then I limp for awhile. 

Best moment this week: Actually getting my glucose test done.

Looking forward to:  Getting Miles into a bed so that the crib is ready for the baby.

Exercise:  I used the elliptical 1 time and got lightheaded at 12 minutes and clammy shortly after. I was trying to finish the 15 minute workout and it was tough. I also did a 1 minute push-up test once. 

Same this time: I gained more than I should in the week! I had my glucose test this week all three times. I was doing baby things the first time around and then 2nd and 3rd pregnancy I was not getting ready. Wow I gained 3.3, 3.0, and 3.0 lbs this week in the 3 pregnancies. 

Different from last time: I worked out a lot more the last 2 times.  I was in a lot better shape at the start of both of those pregnancies too.

27 Weeks with Ella
27 Weeks with Miles

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