Monday, January 7, 2019

Hives 1.4.19

January 3
Before bed on January 3, I noticed Miles had hives.  I noticed at his diaper change at 9 pm. I chilled watching him and he actually fell asleep in the chair.
January 4 morning
They seemed to have gotten a little worse even with Benadryl overnight. At preschool, I did find out that on the 3rd his teacher noticed but just thought it was diaper rash.
January 4 at the doctors
I took him to the doctors on the 4th. He had a fever of 100.0 at the doctors even though the crappy thermometer at home didn't have one. (We threw that thermometer away.) He got stress hives at the doctors and it got worse.  The doctor said it was viral from his cold/cough. It'd probably take a couple days to go away. I was told to give him Benadryl and if he's scratching use hydrocortisone cream. He did scratch a lot. I gave him Benadryl twice a day even though I could give it every 6 hours.

At the doctors he got stress hives so he got a lot worse with hives.  By the 5th when he woke up, he was a lot better but not perfect.  He was still scratching some here or there mainly at his ankles or arms. He kept refusing cream so it didn't go so well.

Miles likes to say he doesn't have hives. If you try to lift up his shirt to look at his hives he likes to refuse. After nap his ankles were exposed because his pants were a little short. I touched his legs and he said "Mommy you are hurting me."
January 6
He still had hives a little on the 6th. He also had some eczema but everywhere he scratched he also had marks from scratching.

Here are some more pictures.
January 3

January 4

January 4 at the doctors

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