Tuesday, March 12, 2019

2019 Week 9/52 Photo

I had dinner in the oven. I went to pick up the kids. Two of Ella's friends asked if Ella was going to Sweet Tomatoes too. They always want to go out together. I texted Dave and he said he'd join us there. I had to run home and set an oven timer so the oven would shut off and we went to eat. There were so many kids and people. Ella sat with her friends but we couldn't fit at that table.  She was more behaved than the last time when there were 6 of us together.

The picture below was not prompted. They were doing that as I was on my way over to ask to take a picture. I couldn't have a fun dinner out not be documented my photos.
Joyeeta, Aurelia, and Ella get along so well. It's fun to see them together. Too bad they didn't peer pressure Ella into eating healthy food.

Photo Taken March 1, 2019

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