Thursday, March 7, 2019

5.12.18 Roadtrip Day 12

6:30 AM Miles cried but back to sleep.

8:30 AM wake up for real.

We do the same old get ready and pack up the room and check out.

10:55 on way to lunch.

11:05 Arrived at Pappy’s Smokehouse. Opened at 11 and already long lines. It was so good. Ella even ate.

long line

oops it's sideways but they have The Big Ben

11:59 left lunch and on our way to Kansas City.

I said “Oh shoot” and then there was a 5 minutes discussion on it and Miles repeats it.

12:48 Rest stop since next one is in 96 miles.

2:05 3 of us went to the park while Dave went to the super charger.

2:57 We are done at the park and pack up.

The park was so hot. We played, walked to 2nd play structure, played, then sat in the shade.

We talked to my parents on the phone. They were at our old house to turn lights off.

Miles cried 30 minutes in the car.
Dave was tired while driving so it was time to eat snacks to stay awake.
 4:50 car was

4:53 super charger
6:16 dinner at A Little BBQ Joint. It took forever. It was too spicy for me. Miles was cute. He made friends with the table behind us. Poor Ella got a grilled cheese with ham thinking it was a hamburger. She was disappointed and didn’t eat any of it. It was so slow to get the check.

 Downtown Independence

Look at pool from our room.
All 4 of us go to the pool

Dave says he smells poop and he blames afghan. Later I ask who took Miles’s diaper off. Sure enough poop in half off diaper. Little bit on the bed too. Oops.

10:30 all finally in bed but awake.

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