Monday, March 11, 2019

35 Weeks (March)

I have such awful back pain and now leg numbness. I was so slow writing this post that I did a separate post just like I did last time. It's misery.  My app says 70.6% of women in week 35 experience back pain.
On Sunday, we had maternity photos taken. It was a bit touch and go because of the rain. I'm glad we got it done. A couple pictures were actually taken in the rain. Amy was even willing to take more but my back just couldn't handle anymore.  These 2 pictures are sneak peak pictures. 

The black is too slimming to get a full comparison.
2 from each pregnancy.  I seem more rounder this time.
2 from Ella, 3 from Miles so I figured 4 from this pregnancy. Ha.
Various angles. I only took 1 pic of each angle so then I couldn't not use the awful facial expression ones.
Google made this
Thursday around 4 PM I noticed my throat started hurting. My sleep Thursday night was purely awful. My throat and back hurt so bad I was ready to die. Friday I felt a little better but over did it.

People keep telling me 5 more weeks and how close it is. I just think how long that is. All this pain is crazy. It is so hard to function and do anything.   I guess at least I'm not lightheaded much anymore unless I'm standing still for awhile in line. 

It still feels super odd not to be wearing my wedding rings even though I didn't wear them again until Miles was over a year old.

I notice I'm wearing make-up more now even when my clothes are crap. My face is so round now. I guess I wear more make-up now to try to look a little nicer since I miss my slim face. 

Size of baby: Honeydew, 18.2 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 5.5 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  36.4. lb gain overall. I gained 3.6 in the past week. 

Maternity Clothes:  Same as always

Movement: There is plenty of movement but at least I can use it to my advantage to get him off my nerve.

Sleep:  It has been pretty bad. Sciatica pain for a few days made it really hurt to try to sleep and get up to pee in the night. Then Poly disrupts my sleep. Ella doesn't like to sleep. And carnival planning had me up until 2 2 nights in a row and up early.

What I miss: Running, exercise, being pain free, being able to function like a normal human

Symptoms: Sciatica pain, groin pain, low back pain, shortness of breath sometimes, exhaustion

Best moment this week: maternity photos

Looking forward to: baby sprinkle

Exercise:  I have such bad back pain I do nothing and barely walk. I do back exercises a few times a week. 

Same this time: I gained 36.5 by this point with Miles and 36.4 so far this time. (31.5 lb with Ella)  Sleep was crap with Miles too. (But sleep was alright with Ella.)  Things in general are similar to Miles's pregnancy and different than Ella's. Symptoms are similar and what I miss.  With all 3 I do get lightheaded while standing and it sucks. I also missed exercising with all 3.

Different from last time: My doctor told me this time not to gain too much weight yet never mentioned weight the past 2 times. (she mentioned it a week ago but still). I have had to have my wedding rings off for a few weeks this time and last time I took them off just at week 35.

35 Weeks with Ella
35 Weeks with Miles


  1. It's amazing how you barely even look pregnant from the front head-on view. Love the maternity photo sneak peeks!

    1. She sent me a slideshow of like 20 pics for a sneak peak but then if I share that the actual post of the pictures won't have much new. Ha.