Sunday, March 31, 2019

38 Weeks (March)

Saturday (today) was the first time I noticed my ankles being swollen. They weren't so swollen that I had to loosen my laces on my shoes or anything though.

I had my doctor appointment on Wednesday. Since they knew the baby was head down I didn't get any additional ultrasounds so I didn't get any additional baby weight stats like I got last time.  My blood pressure was 131/68 so they had to redo it. Then after relaxing it was 129/81. The cutoff for redoing BP is 130 so she said the second time was good.  My appointment was with the nurse practitioner because my doctor didn't have available appointments.  Next week is the same thing.  She checked if I was dilated.  She wasn't going to but I mentioned last time how my doctor said she would since I'd be at 37.5 weeks and usually they start checking at 38. She checked since I was already out fo my clothes. I'm like might as well since I had to take these pants and shoes off. I was 1.5 cm dilated and she said he definitely dropped.
So I can't find my normal lens and I spent 30 minutes trying to find it and then my old lenses. All the full body pictures were taken with my old 18-55 lens and they are foggy looking. I need to find my lens I always use. I took it off to put on a 50 mm lens at school and then it was in my bag and who knows what. I swapped lenses Wednesday and feel like it has to be here somewhere. I've checked a bunch of places but I need to better check the car to see if it rolled out of my bag.

This week I noticed I feel more mobile than last week. I mean don't get me wrong I still did almost nothing but moving from the couch to standing or the bed to standing was a little better.
various angles with my 50 mm lens
This week I had PT twice, a dentist appointment, and an OB appointment. I was pretty busy. I also went to preschool 3 times to take individual photos for the yearbook.

Poly likes to try to lie on my belly when I'm sleeping and I have to push her off. She tries to do it again and again. Then I have to get the afghan situated for her and coax her into that spot then pet her so she leaves my belly alone. At least it's only a couple minutes then I'm back to sleep but it's annoying.

I can only gain 1.2 more lbs if I want to have the same ending weight with all 3 pregnancies.
I didn't have good collages for comparison last time so this is what we have.

Size of baby: Celery Bunch, 19.6 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 6.5-7 pounds.  The baby gains a half a lb a week. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 40.7 lb gain overall. I gained 3.2 lb  in the past week. 

Maternity Clothes: I still haven't worn maternity pants or shorts yet. My workout pants are starting to ride down and get annoying because the belly is just so low and the "high waisted" workout pants just want more area for the clothing to be. I'm wearing the same few shirts since I know so many are too short.

Movement: There is a decent amount of movement but also times with no movement.  The butt will totally be on my right side then be on my left side a little later.  

Sleep:  Sleep is pretty much awful.

What I miss: Running! lunch meat. Exercise. Being mobile. 

Symptoms: My back gets sore. By night it can really hurt. I basically have ice on my back for 10 hours a day. I strap it on with my pregnancy band. I go to the bathroom a lot.  I am swollen.  I am so tired. It's quite difficult to go from lying to standing. 

Best moment this week: getting the nursery ready. It's basically there but I have to plug in the sound machine.

Looking forward to:  picking a baby name!

Exercise:  I'm not exercising really but am doing back exercises at least 5 days a week. 

Same this time: With Miles I got checked for dilation at 37.5 weeks versus waiting for 38 week appointment too.  I miss the same stuff. I have the same symptoms.  I'm always gaining over the recommended 1 lb a week.`
Different from last time: Last time Ella helped me take pictures so I ended up with a lot. This time Miles helped me take pictures and I had to keep begging him to take more in a different pose.
I have crazy crazy dreams this time and I had them with Ella.  I didn't paint any onesies this time and I did with both Ella and Miles.  Apparently I'm ahead of the game with having the nursery ready. Last time I still had to hang the curtains. With Ella I got it mostly ready this week but wasn't done cleaning out non-baby things from the room.  I can feel the butt well so I think he's not posterior. Miles was posterior and head down. While Ella was butt down and I could feel her head.

38 weeks with Ella
38 weeks with Miles

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