Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is what I wear when I"ll have on a coat.
Sweater: Old Navy (I hate the color)
Jeans: Express

I telecommuted. Poly hung out with  me. Well she hung out in a bag by me.
These are examples of my training plans and then what I did in stead.  How do you document your running?
Poly watched TV. She watched Romney's speech.  During Ron Paul's speech she decided she'd stare at the kleenex on the floor instead.


  1. She'd win all the debates with her cuteness.

  2. I'm gonna be honest here: at first glance when I was scrolling down this page, I was shocked because I thought you did not have a shirt on.

  3. That's a reason I hate the sweater. I bought it because it was on clearance. but then I owned it a good 2-3 years before I ever wore it. It cost me 6.99.
    At the store I had on my teal coat over it so it was OK.

  4. It probably looks nice under teal.