Friday, February 24, 2012

Shopping (2.19)

My generous brother gave me a gift card for JCPenney so I felt like I had to go shopping to spend it.  I wanted to see their new pricing since they don't do sales anymore.  I thought some of the prices were pretty good but didn't like some.  Then others were really good.  All the clearance stuff was insanely cheap but they didn't have anything good in my size.    I was trying to find patterns but I failed.  While shopping I overheard a lady say "This shirt is $5, but I have it at home and got it for $2."  I ended up buying a nice red purse for $10 and Dave got new jeans.   I probably spent over an hour in JCP alone. I couldn't even find sections I was looking for and then when I did, I wasn't impressed.
After JCP then it was time for the rest of the mall. I didn't have much time though so I didn't get to finish.  I went in a few stores but only purchased things at the Limited.  I had coupons but their sale of 40% off everything was better.
I've been wanting a white skirt for awhile and I couldn't pass up one for $10. It's short for work but for $10, I can have a weekend skirt. The shirts are similar to other shirts I have purchased from JCP. The purple/turquoise one has a slightly different neck and was more expensive. (But it is only 19.99 online!)   Express used to be my go to store but now the Limited had been filling my needs and I've been hating everything in Express.  I don't buy pants anymore at Express because the Victoria's Secret pants fit me way better.

Have you gotten any good deals lately? What are your go to stores? 

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