Sunday, February 5, 2012


I spent my morning cropping pictures.
I ran with Jen mid afternoon.  I never blogged about that run (Shocking I know).  I ran .5 before everyone showed up. Then there was a period of waiting before we all started.Then I ran 5 with Jen and Mandy. Then I ran 1.14 more with Jen.   That was all for a total pace of 10:31.  

I met Jen to run and we also met her friend Mandy.  I was supposed to get there at 1. I got there a little early and ran .5 mi. I thought I might have time for a full mile but Jen is always early so I didn't want to keep her waiting.   Her friend ended up being late so I could have ran 2 miles prior to us starting.   The three of us ran 5 miles.  Then Jen and I ran a bit more.

We all ran 1 mile, walked 1 minute, ran 1 mile, walked 1 minute, ran .5 mile, walked 1 minute and then we did 3:1 run/walk ratio for about 20 minutes.  We just ran the last half mile in.

Then there was a little talking, a text to Dave seeing if I had more time, and then deciding I only had 15 minutes.'
Our last 1.14 was broken up with pictures. I had carried my camera the entire run so figured we better use it. We used the continuous feature on my camera and got about 200 photos. Many were out of focus or blurry. Many more were in an awkward part of the stride. But since we got 200 total, we got a ton of nice ones.  Above are just a few. I cropped some of them. What do you think?   I took off my jacket and said I could look like I was hardcore and we got some pictures like that.  It was really warm running in my jacket. I should have had a lighter coat. The weather is tricking me all the time. I should just bring one of everything when I go to run.  Jen put a few of the pictures on her blog too.

Paulo came over after. He was supposed to show up at 3 so I didn't run extra.  Then at 3:15 he said he was running late so he wouldn't arrive until 5!   I had some time to crop pictures from my run but didn't even get to analyzing the data.
Then we spent 3 hours watching Battlestar Galactica.  Paulo brought his son who is about 10 and some of the scenes in that show are inappropriate for someone that young.   I didn't like the show so much.

Then we watched some more TV.  I snacked.

All I want to do is eat and sleep. I'm so tired and so hungry anymore.  I've also lost a couple pounds.

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