Wednesday, February 8, 2012

3 miles (2.8.12)

I was finally telecommuting today so I could work until daylight (or a little after) and then run and be back by the start of core hours.

I ran 3 miles.  I was going to do the 2.5 mile loop. Then I decided to make it a 5k. I stopped a bit short because I was already running back and forth on my street to get it to 3.  It started snowing 2 miles in. I wanted to run before work because of the snow.  You never know if it will accumulate but also it's more dangerous to run on the streets with any snow at all.

My goal was 9 minute pace.  I was almost out of bonus seconds about halfway through.  I know that's where the hill is that I lose all my previous bonus seconds and the last mile is flatter and just faster for me in general.

Since it wasn't sunny, I thought it might be colder. Also I wasn't running for that long so I thought I'd be OK. But it was definitely too warm to wear my waterproof jacket. I unzipped it about 1.55 miles in. I removed my gloves a bit later. I removed my neck warmer a little after that. I folded up my head band so it didn't actually cover my ears.  I didn't remove my jacket because my watch was on the outside of it and that would have caused too much trouble.

My shortest run this week should have been 4 miles. At least I ran. I just need to make sure I get my weekend long run in.

BTW I was back to my work computer at 8:59. Talk about perfect timing.

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