Friday, February 3, 2012

12 miles (2.3.12) - Runner

Oh I have so much to say about my run today. I apologize now for this long post.
I was meeting Jen at 4 to run and I wanted to run 5 or 7 before meeting her but Dave had us out shopping and he kept browsing and he was taking up all my time.  By the time I was changed and out the door, I didn't have enough time for much running at all.  I was able to run 2.25 miles before meeting Jen.  She got there around 2.1 but I went into the bathroom so I had time to run a touch extra.

It was so warm earlier in the day that I just wore pants, tank top, and long sleeve shirt.  I wore my sunglasses too.   When I met Jen, I decided gloves were a necessity.  It was good to have that little run before our loop.

The first part that I ran by myself was very similar to what I ran a week ago before meeting Jen and others, but this time I started with the hill versus ending with the hill.   I didn't set a goal at all for this short run. I just ran. I didn't even think I was going that fast.  It ended pretty good.  I decided I'll have to do this more because I'll need to get more miles in than anyone that I'm running with so I have to either run before or after to supplement any group runs. 2 miles is a good amount to do first so that I'm not too tired out.  I really wanted to do more though. Maybe next time I can do more.  On weeknights, I already get there as early as I can so I can't run at all prior to meeting to run. Weeknights are more difficult too with limited timing before dark.  I ran up the hill at the beginning and compared it to a week earlier when I ran the hill on my preliminary run and how hard it was.  It felt easier today.  I need to run hills more in general. I need to do some ladders like we did in high school.  They are the worst while doing them but they would help me out so much. 

Jen and I talked for a few minutes before starting to run so my run wasn't as continuous as I would have liked. It did give me opportunity to get some water. I should have even had more but I am always a water slacker.

We started going counterclockwise with a 4:1 ratio of run to walk.  After 15 minutes we changed it to 3:1.  It was Jen's 3rd day in a row running and her IT bands were sore. Going slower didn't bother me at all because I wanted to have enough energy to make it to 12 miles.

While running with Jen, I realized how much easier it is for me to run this year that it has been in the past. It's just like I move and run and it's not a struggle at all. The walk breaks help a lot according to Gallaway.  I really think they do. You can go a lot further. Also the overall time is pretty similar to running constantly.  About halfway through the loop, I started thinking about how I emailed Callie about my made up training plan and she didn't get back to me yet so I hope it's not stupid because I was doing 12 today like I made up.

Throughout our loop 2 different cars honked at us. Jen and I were both wearing bright colors so perhaps we were more noticeable.

We skipped our last walk interval to finish the 5 miles.  Then I drank water. I tried to force even more down. I drank probably 8 oz. I'm so bad at this.  Then I ate 2 gummies. You are supposed to eat 5-10 each hour of running. I at least put the rest of my package in my little belt thing to eat along the way.

I started the last loop with my watch set to do 4:1 intervals.  I set my goal time to be 10:30 pace.  After 2 miles, I realized I was doing pretty good and maybe could do 9:30 pace. I thought I'd make my reach goal 47:30 for 5 miles and my goal that I'd try to shoot for 48.  I pretty much did math in my head the entire time between mile 2 and 2.5. I don't even know where the time went.   Right before I hit 2 miles, a guy rolled down his window and winked at me. What is up with people these days?

Around mile 3.5, I could tell the tip of my middle toe on my right foot was getting a blister.  Also around that time I felt like I was running slow and I was going at a 7:22 pace. I had to quadruple look because I didn't believe it.  Even with walking 1 minute every 5, I was going pretty fast. I couldn't believe it. The split that included walking would be 2:35 which was faster than my initial goal should have been for all splits.

Around mile 3.75, I decided I'll consider myself a Runner. I never thought I was before but I decided I am now. I always just considered myself a person who runs and not even a person who runs all the time. I'd do half (or less) than what all the novice training plans recommended for races so how could I consider myself a runner.  Well now I do. I better not slack off now after deciding this.

My walk interval ended right at the 3.75  mile mark and I ran. I didn't even think it was that fast and my split was 2:02. My run interval length was 4 minutes so I wondered if I'd get close to the next .25 before the whistle went off telling me to walk.  Well it did, but only by about 3 seconds so I just ran until the watch beeped.  I walked for 1 minute then ran the rest of the way missing my last walk interval.  My last mile was 8:29 including walking for 1 minute.  I felt like I could keep going even with the blister aching on my toe.   I almost ran longer but it was getting dark and I'd need my headlamp so I'd have to stop at the car anyway, but also I didn't eat or drink enough so I knew it'd be bad news bears if I tried to run more.

I don't know what made the run so great.  I didn't even believe I was really running that fast. I kept passing people as they were running but still didn't feel fast.  I'd pass people going the opposite way for the second time and do the math and realize the lady ran 2 miles while I ran 3. (I'm pretty good at knowing mile markers and areas to be able to figure out how far each of us ran.)
After running, I hurried home but in the trip home, all my sweat just felt colder and colder. Turning up the heat wasn't really helpful. I was shivering when I walked in the door.  I hurried and went and showered.  I took a nice warm shower. Some might consider it hot since it turned me so red. Oh it was wonderful.
After my shower, Dave informed me I was going to cook dinner.  I iced my foot while cooking.  My plantar fasciitis is still bothersome. 

The first 2 miles I ran continuously. The next 2 loops I did intervals. There was also a break between them to get some nutrition and water in me.  I wish I didn't break so long.  The BodyMedia fit sure shows that I took a break.  I need to go continuously next time.
I entered my food for the day in my BodyMedia fit and their Fit Coach yelled at me.  Apparently eating Pizza Hut buffet for lunch doesn't help you eat properly. I've entered my food before but this is the first time a warning showed up.  I only enter my food about once ever 3 weeks.  I'm not good at documenting it.  Now I almost want to document it more to see what other warnings it will come up with.

Well I'm happy with today's run.  My long run should have been Saturday or Sunday but I thought I'd get it out of the way. I feel so accomplished.   This winter is so awesome. I love it. I can't believe how mild the weather is. I want this all the time!


  1. - 8oz sounds like the most water you've ever consumed in conjunction with a run.

    - Nice job on your pace.

    - I am always told that I set the shower water too hot and burn whoever uses it after me. It's the best (hot water; not scalding people).

    - We have had a mild winter, too. It's helped me keep on track more than I probably otherwise would have. Thanks, La NiƱa.

    - I bet Fit Coach would have a field day with my diet of handfuls of M&Ms. I also wonder what it thinks of bread. You always post a lot of pictures of bready things, which are probably fine for regular people, but does Fit Coach have a diabetes setting?

    - Boy, what a disjunct comment.

  2. when I used to do long runs marathon training I would use my water belt and I drank up all 4 of those little bottles during the run (I forget if the bottles are 4 oz or 6 oz) but then I'd drink water after. and 12 would have been considered a long run.


    Hot showers are awesome!

    Mild winters really help with training.

    I never looked at if there are settings to say you are diabetic. Probably are. If there aren't, I'd tell Body Media fit about it and they'd probably fix that.

    I liked this comment.