Saturday, February 4, 2012


I spent the night at my parents. Callie and I went running.  I ate cabbage on stuffed cabbage for the first time.  Timmy took some lessons from Callie and decided to tape his jacket instead of sewing the lining.

Dave and I bought new plates at ikea. Look how full the cupboard is now.

It appears I never posted about my run. Callie posted about it ages ago.
We went to Braddock Trails. We ran on the roads first and did 3.5 miles at about a 10 minute mile pace.
Then we went and ran the trails. That was really muddy. We stopped and peeped things and stopped to figure out which way to go in many places.  Finally we found the overlook. On our way from the overlook to the car we RAN at a 2.2 mph. Oh boy. A new record low. We did a bunch of actually running too but then we stopped to take pictures and iMapMyRun was still going.
We did a total of 5.02 miles.  I didn't have my garmin since I didn't really expect to run.  .  I ran in a pink hoodie. It was in my trunk.  I also ran in my hat that has the strings that come down and the balls on the end. Boy did I look ridiculous.  After our 3.5 mile run, we took off some layers since we got hot. But then we ran so slow we were cold.


  1. Oh that pink hoodie. Where the heck did you get that, again? I bet it would even be too small for me.

    I wish I lived closer so we could have more trail adventures. Doggone pictures making me nostalgic.

  2. I got it at JCP in 2002 or 2003. I also got a red one. Back then the style was to have the top of your pants show more than it does now. I need a new hoodie. The hoodie I wear around the house is that old too.

    I know we need to live closer.