Friday, February 17, 2012


I woke up and wanted to go running but there was snow everywhere. I decided to use my computer a bit and hope the snow was plowed enough for me to run or at least drive to the gym to run.  I cleaned off my desk a bit and updated my calendar website.  I actually had never finished uploading June or October in addition to December and January.  They are updated now.

I had leftover pizza for lunch but wanted to watch more TV cuddled up under 2 afghans.  We watched Kitchen Nightmares and Big Bang Theory.  Then I said to turn on MSNBC so I could take a 15 minute nap since I just got comfy under the blankets. Well 3 hours later, I got a text and it woke up up.  I had so much on my to do list and the nap did not help.

We went out to dinner with Chad and Jen.  Then we went to Yum after. We did a lot of talking and it lasted 3 hours.  I got home and finished doing some stuff on my computer.   I went into bed at 10 and just took my laptop in to use a little.

(We went through an old CD case. Look Windows 98... how cute.)

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