Thursday, February 16, 2012


(The sweater is more of a violet. It looks extra blue in this photo.)  I got 2 compliments on my shoes. I think this is the 3rd time I wore them so now I'm down to just under $30/wear. I need to wear them more!
I was so tired this morning but I also kept hitting snooze until Dave was out of the shower so I wouldn't be waiting around after I woke up. (When I was putting on my knee highs Poly climbed up on my lap. I was basically forced to sit there and pet her for awhile.) I got to work by 7:45.  I was busy with meetings. The day flew by.  My emails went over the size limit and I had to spent over 10 minutes cleaning out emails/archiving the large files just to get it down enough for the emails in my outbox to send.  The limit at work really sucks.  I waste so much time just moving and deleting emails than I should. It's awful.

Today I showed up 12 minutes late to a 30 minute meeting and I got there and feel like I didn't miss a thing.

I also called into a meeting 7 minutes late and still had to wait 9 more minutes for the person to open the call in number.   Meetings are awful but then meetings where the people running them are late are the worst.

I wanted to leave work early. I did not. I left at 5:45.  I got home before Dave because he was working late for once and then he went to the gym.  I got to crop a few pictures while waiting for him. I also got to have my new idea fail and then snag it stopped working the way I thought and any time I'd insert text it'd end up disappearing. I don't get it.  I gave up.

I had Chick-fil-a salad again. It is pretty good.
We watched American Idol, Smash, and then MSNBC.   While watching TV, I was lying down on the chair and a half. Lying down is a little hard on a chair but I make it work.  But then Poly decided to jump up and sleep in my nest.  She was too cute so I suffered with my legs half falling off the edge. I did throw in some laundry to be a little productive.

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