Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2.14 - Valentine's Day

I wore pink for Valentine's Day.

Dave had to work late. I was going to go run at the gym but he wanted to go to dinner and I thought a run + shower would take too long. Well we ended up working until after 7:30 PM.  Granted I was super productive after most people left for the day. Most people left super early too.   Dave had to work on a project with someone even though it was the other person's project and the reason he was there late is because she has to get it done and she is going on vacation so it had to be done earlier.

Dave and I went to Long Horn for dinner. Since we got an appetizer I just got soup as my meal. I still couldn't even finish the soup.

By the time we got home it was after 9pm and Poly was very upset at us for ditching her all day.
Late at night Dave copied Obama to give me a Valentine's Day tweet.
This monkey has been in Dave's cube for years.  It can fly and when it lands it makes loud monkey noises. Well I went to try it out and the arm broke. I guess it got too old. :(  How sad.
I only got one picture of Poly all day and it was before work. Poor neglected Poly.

I forgot to mention Dave woke me up by putting Poly on me saying Happy Valentine's Day. He said he got me a cat. I thought that was pretty creative.  He went through some effort to get her because she was hiding under the bed.  She usually sleeps with me then right before we get up, she'll go hide under the bed. When my alarms start going off, she hides.


  1. Until right now, I had assumed Obama's tweet was supposed to be from their dog, Bo.

  2. I didn't think of that but that was because I saw PB's tweet first then he told me he copied Obama so I had to look that up.

  3. I forgot to mention my Valentine's Day present so I added that to the bottom of the post.