Monday, February 27, 2012

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:57:07 AM - I have watched too much TV today. I still have more Gossip Girl too.
04:18:12 AM - I definitely shouldn't still be up & I have to watch these on Hulu bc the tv watching program breaks at 3am & I don't know how to restart it
05:23:16 AM - Oh man. I should not still be up.
05:49:58 AM - I better go to sleep instead of watch this next episode or Dave will wake up before it is over.
07:24:17 AM - @MarnieCarlson we do the same thing with staying up too late I guess.
08:25:23 AM - I made coffee this morning. Last time I drank coffee at work was June 16
10:30:01 AM - all I'm doing is sneezing today. I guess staying up too late caught up with me.
05:46:06 PM - 28 cars between me and the light. Ugh. I hate traffic.
05:56:05 PM - @MarnieCarlson well I had to leave to get to my appointment. And I was late. Stayed at work too long.
06:07:20 PM - So they wanted me to have my spot then shot then wait. I said cant you do the shot first so my waiting is during the appt. she didn't think
06:09:37 PM - The lady couldn't even properly fold my receipt.
06:33:21 PM - @MarnieCarlson I had one. I am just bad at leaving
06:38:25 PM - The doctor left the room to get printouts and I think I'm going to fall asleep before she returns.
06:41:45 PM - Well I just left the dr office and someone thought I worked there. I seem to always be mistaken for employees. (Express, pharmaceutical rep
09:09:46 PM - How am I still awake?
10:20:25 PM - Yup I'm still up. I'm a little crazy.

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